New Jersey Swimming
Advancing competitive swimming in
New Jersey through fair and inclusive opportunities.

New Jersey Swimming’s Vision:  Advancing competitive swimming in New Jersey through fair and inclusive opportunities.

New Jersey Swimming's Mission Statement: Develop the sport of swimming through leadership and excellence by providing environments that encourage swimmers to achieve their goals and advance while fostering the principals of sportsmanship, leadership and achievement. 

How be Become a New Jersey Swimming Official

Becoming a New Jersey Swimming official requires the completion of two processes: becoming a registered official member of USA Swimming, and completing a training and certification program.  

USA Swimming Registration has four parts:

  1. Registering with USA Swimming as a non-athlete, official member (annual requirement)
  2. Completing a background check (every other year)
  3. Completing Athlete Protection Training (annual requirement)
  4. Completing a Concussion Protocol Training (one-time requirement)

USA Swimming Training and Certification

To officiate at a meet, you need to complete a training and certification program.  In February 2024, USA Swimming standardized the eligibility, training and certification process to become an official.  This process involves the completion of a training clinic and test and an apprenticeship process in which the trainee shadows an experienced official on deck for at least four sessions spread across two different meets.  You can view the USA Swimming Certification Standards HERE

You can view specific eligibility, training, certification, and recertification information for each officiating position using the links below.

Click HERE to let us know you're initiating the apprentice process for any officiating position.

Click HERE to submit your completed apprentice evaluation form for any position.


NJS Officials Advancement Group

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Have a general question about becoming an official?  Email [email protected]