New Jersey Swimming
Advancing competitive swimming in
New Jersey through fair and inclusive opportunities.

New Jersey Swimming’s Vision:  Advancing competitive swimming in New Jersey through fair and inclusive opportunities.

New Jersey Swimming's Mission Statement: Develop the sport of swimming through leadership and excellence by providing environments that encourage swimmers to achieve their goals and advance while fostering the principals of sportsmanship, leadership and achievement. 

Welcome Officials!

Competitive swimming is an incredible sport through which athletes acquire lifelong skills, but swim meets do not happen without the efforts of many who volunteer their time and effort as officials, timers, marshals, and a host of other roles.  Virtually everyone on and around a pool deck at swim meets except the coaches and athletes are unpaid volunteers.  

The efforts of our volunteer officials ensure the integrity of every meet held in NJS and guarantee every athlete competes on a fair and level playing field.  The hard work that swimmers put in to practice every week demands nothing less.

 Unlike other sports, where officials are paid by the sponsoring organizations, the officiating staff at swim meets of every level is composed entirely of volunteers.  Many officials only work during the sessions or meets in which their athletes are competing, which is terrific.  Others volunteer their time because they love the sport and want to support the swimming community.  It takes at least 8-10 Officials at each session to conduct a swim meet efficiently and fairly and to ensure the integrity of every swimmer's time.  Officials also have the best seat in the house! 

If you'd like to find out more about how to become an official, please click the Becoming an Official tab from the main menu.

NJ Swimming Officials Committee 
Chair: Judy Sharkey  [email protected] 
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